Real Estate Investors

Anyone can be a real estate investor, if you have an experienced and creative Realtor on your team. We at Vista View Realty Group are not only licensed Realtors, we are experienced, knowledgeable long-term investors.

There are as many types of real estate to invest in as there are methods to obtain them. Let’s look at the methods first.

  • Good credit and cash? The sky’s the limit. You can get a loan or use seller carry.
  • Good credit but no cash? You can get a loan and ask the seller to carry a second (either active or forgiven)
  • Bad/substandard credit but have cash? Seller carry back and/or hard money
  • Bad/substandard credit but no cash? Seller carry back and/or hard money

What types of investing interests you?

  • Purchase and hold as rental.
  • Fix and flip (resell)
  • Purchase and resell on a carry back for limited time
  • Trust deed investment
  • Note investment

If you’ve ever had an interest in being a real estate investor, now is the time. An abundance of properties are available and sellers are looking to make a deal!

Give us a call and let us make money for you!

Vista View Realty Group